i'm amanda

Photography is my creative dream come true and it is so incredibly special to be able to capture memories that other people will love and cherish for many, many years. Around high school, I found out for myself how important these memories were. Not just the ones I was creating currently but the ones that I couldn’t get back. I had just lost my father, my mom had just given birth to my little brother and I was figuring out who I wanted to become. I would look back on these photos and think, "I remember how happy I was that day." "Aww, my little brother was so tiny then!" Or even, "What was I thinking when I wore that outfit??" These little snippets of time carried such a significance for me that I wanted other people to feel that way about their memories, too.

When you have a session with me, it's not just about getting perfectly posed images (though we'll get those too!). You may hear “YAASS!” from me more than once and you’re definitely gonna get some sort of punny jokes along the way. There may be times that I’ll have you do something silly to get a genuine laughing smile. Maybe I'll stop you while you’re walking because the light is hitting you in a way that looks like you're in a movie. Or perhaps I'll have you strike a model pose because the wind is blowing your hair perfectly like Beyoncé. It's those unexpected but beautiful moments that make an image really special.


A moment in time with your kids, your parents, the love of your life, or even yourself --  whatever your special moment is, I'm here to give you a tangible reminder of that wonderful and wild time in your life. 

Let's make some magic together. 


Wanna know a couple more fun facts?

- I’m a wife to a handsome former navy sailor (who I met while working on a TV show in LA). A mother to a beautiful, silly and stubborn little girl named Goldie and fur mom to a perfect rescue pup named Piper Ann. 
- My favorite movies are Midnight in Paris and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. 
- My usual Starbucks order is a Skinny Vanilla Latte with coconut milk (or a Pink Drink with light ice if it's hot outside!). 
- I’m a serial crafter and I find joy in organizing things by color and size. 
- A perfect date night for me is dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants and watching whatever new Marvel movie just came out in theaters. 
- Key Lime pie is my go-to dessert and Key Lime Pie Oreos are life. 


If you've made it this far, I like you already.

Take a look around the site and feel free to email me if you have any questions about Super Mario Bros. or, you know, photography and stuff.