Why I Love Photography and A Sunset Hermosa Beach Maternity Session // Los Angeles Maternity Photographer


Recently I was talking to my niece about my photography business and she asked me, “What is your favorite type of session to photograph? Is it families or weddings or something else?” I thought about it for a second but I couldn’t really pick out just one that I liked more than the other. Each one had things about it that I loved.

I love photographing weddings because the days are filled with such love and beautiful details. It’s a great time that I get to be creative in capturing one of the most special days in someone’s life.

I love photographing engagements because nothing is quite better than getting to photograph a couple in love. The giddiness and the excitement that I get to capture of a couple who is starting on a wonderful journey together is pretty damn cool.

I love photographing boudoir because it makes me so happy to show women how beautiful they are through someone else’s eyes. When I get the text message after our session saying “I’ve never felt more confident and sexy.” It makes me do a little dance inside.

I love photographing families because I know that these are the images that kids are going to cherish so many years from now.

And I love photographing maternity because nothing it cooler than seeing how beautiful and capable women are. The fact that we can GROW A HUMAN is amazing.

But you really want to know what my favorite thing about photography is? It’s getting to be a part of people’s lives and capture each amazing stage through photography. I told her that my favorite part about my job is not just photographing one single moment but when I get to be a part of each moment. When I have a wedding client come back to me for maternity photos and then for in-home newborn photos and then family photos each year, it makes my photography heart sing. I know that they are creating memories that they will remember for years to come and I absolutely love watching their lives grow each year.

It may be hard to understand but my favorite part about photography is a feeling and I can’t think of many jobs that give you that same kind of feeling which makes me pretty lucky if I say so myself.

On that note, I photographed Caitlin and Matt’s wedding a few years ago on one of the rainiest San Diego days all year. Despite that unexpected day of showers, we had an even better surprised when the rain stopped just as they said “I do” and remained clear the rest of the night. I’ll never forget the love they had and the special moments of their ceremony. When they called me to photograph them again, it made me jump up and down excited to hear it was for a maternity session. We picked the beach at sunset because who doesn’t love a good beach session but I think my favorite moment of the afternoon was the few min after the sun dipped behind the horizon and gave us this ultra yummy twilight glow that just made Caitlin’s super cute baby bump the star of the show.