Sarah and Jason // Griffith Observatory Engagement Session


Let me tell you, one of the things that I love about photography is being able to capture moments, special moments, for people that I have known most of my life. I met Sarah when we both attended a super small Catholic School in Long Beach. St. Cyprian was one of those tight knit communities that even though the kids are long graduated, they still manage to come back together in some way. That’s how it is and I love that through photography I am able to be a part of so many people’s lives, especially the one’s that I used to play kickball with at recess when I was just a kid.

When Sarah came to me about photographing her wedding at the Natural History Museum in San Diego, I couldn’t have been more excited. You will definitely get to see that amazingness when it all goes down next year but first we had an engagement session to do. Sarah and Jason decided that the Observatory would be the perfect place since that is where Jason proposed. I’m all about telling a story and remembering significant places so COUNT ME IN. It had been a while since I had photographed at the observatory and it notorious for being BUSY, like busy, busy, but can you blame it? It has got the best view of the Hollywood sign and pretty much all of LA (when its not so hazy).

We decided to try it out in the morning and boy was it magical. The light was bright and beautiful without being too crazy, traffic was a breeze and the only people around were the few eager tourist and early morning hikers who didn’t care to linger in one place too long making it easy to get those iconic observatory shots.

One of my favorite moments of the session was when I brought Sarah and Jason out to the middle right in front of the observatory for a gorgeous wide shot. One of the things I love about the observatory is that on the ground, they have lines of the planet’s orbits circling the entire place with the observatory (Sun) at the middle of it so, if you wanted to, you could follow your favorite planet’s path. I bought them out and I looked down at the ground and said, “Lets have you stand on 'the ‘Orbit of Saturn’.” Without hesitation, Jason says, “That’s perfect since I put a ring on it.”… YES… these are my people and I love it.